As luck would have it, I chanced on a spider at its loom this morning. I was transfixed by the shimmering wheel and its weaver, dancing the perimeter. The radiant outline, so thin, but startlingly perceptible, caught the full of my sleep-aided wonder.

As I stood quite arrested, a clarity came over me. Late as I was to the bus, distracted as I was with Facebook, frustrated as I was with responsibility, my spirit became lifted by the fragile scene before me. Such a relief it was to feel so present, so fully present! It was like I had stepped into a living painting and drawn close the curtains to reality.

I would have stayed in the swirling gold dust magic of dawn discovery, but every second stolen away in my painting seemed a minute tarried to the office. As my steps carried me away with gaining speed, I felt my heart breaking for the day.


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