After 2 years of anticipation and working towards this moment, I hardly believe it’s real: I’m really on route to China, to live more than half a year abroad! On my own!

2014-06-23 08.00.58

(Maybe the more unbelievable part is that it didn’t really sink in until late last night, whence I promptly puddled on the floor, shredding magazines in a stupefied daze.)

2014-06-23 08.52.25

My enactment of a jellyfish may’ve had something to do with my little project these past weeks: packing. And unpacking. And packing again.

Apparently I pack suitcases the same way I write essays: start with a glut of research then painstakingly trim here-a-word and there-a-word until I’ve gone from 20 pages to 6.

(- – What’s that saying about brevity again?)

(- – Shut up.)

To all my friends and family back home, I promise you to stay in touch as best I can while I brave this whole living-in-a-foreign-country-for-half-a-year thing.


P.S. They’ve got Arrow on the in-flight mini-screens! Game of Thrones and Orphan Black too, but not the recent episodes. That VPN better damn well work so I can catch up.



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