I count myself lucky to have worked 4 ‘crappy jobs’ that I loved. Not every day tested my patience, but the encounters that did improved my social proficiency more than all those years in school.

If you haven’t yet known the hair-pulling fun of 8-hour workdays in the service mill, check out this article by Thought Catalog. It elaborates on all the healthy skills and perspectives you could gain by working on the low-end of society.

Maybe after reading it, you’ll be inspired to fill out that Albertsons Courtesy Clerk application once and for all.


Thought Catalog

My first semester of college, I worked at a chain coffee and bagel café.

I have always affirmed that every person needs to work in food service at least once in their lifetime. It is difficult to express how exceptionally vital it is that people understand the toil behind where their services come from, and the crucial nature of treating workers with respect.

I have also always held the belief that every person needs to work at least one “crappy job” in their life to fully understand the value of hard work, and better understand how difficult the lives of people who serve them are.

When I first started working through the duration of my employment, I strongly disliked my job with a passion. It was what I deemed could satisfy the “crappy job experience” requirement from my mandatory life-experiences chart. I hated having no time to breathe all week…

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