Working in a library is quite different from what you might imagine.

There are a lot more questions about printers and bathrooms than there are about research or where the biographies are.

  • I know only students are allowed in here right now, but can my boyfriend (not a student) come in and wait for me in the bathroom?
  • Is it ok if I eat my lunch here? What about dinner? Even if it’s bought from somewhere else?
    (You’re bringing in food from Chipotle and not the café downstairs? Out with you!!)
  • Can you read Asian?
    (Well that wasn’t racist in the slightest.)
  • Where can I find porn?
    (To be fair, one of the psychology courses assigns a research article on the topic every quarter.)

Update: For more strange things sub-sub-librarians hear, check out this vlog series my coworker Kirsten made about working in the same undergraduate library!


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