In Which China is West of the U.S., But Only Europe Matters

This week saw the start of my study abroad finalization paperwork. I am so thrilled to be going (each day makes me more anxious and excited), but there’s so much left to be done! Paperwork, visas, housing, financial aid, currency, plane tickets, choosing classes… oh gosh, I can tell next quarter’s going to be busy. (But it’ll all be worth it and more~)

Provided this all goes smoothly, I will be seeing my relatives this summer for the first time in 5 years. They last met me in all my glory as an awkward, antisocial teenager. With terrible Chinese, to boot. So we’ll see if I can give them a pleasant surprise by coming out of my adolescent shell.

Honestly, work and college have transformed me so much in terms of making me comfortable with speaking in public and speaking to strangers.

(Tip for people who are shy in front of crowds: get a job. Once you deal with impatient customers daily and give presentations three times a month, you’re too busy to even think about stage fright.)


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