• You’re at the library, and a guy storms out the door muttering about “coffee, the fundamental evil of life”.
  • You skip one class to go study for another class, in which you fell behind because you were working on a project for yet another class.
  • Sleep is a luxury you really can’t afford. #PoorerThanACollegeStudent (which is just pathetic…)
  • You wait outside Starbucks for them to open at 5am, because you really need to finish your essay (– because, of course, you can’t write an essay without sufficient caffeine and sugar in your system.)
  • You set your alarm for a 30-minute nap… and wake up 3 hours later.
  • You forget it’s your birthday because your life is one long pattern of sleep-study-work-eat-study-sleep-study-work-study.

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