I ordered these off Amazon UK sometime ago, back when the boxset was first announced on Facebook.

2013.11.07 Merlin DVDs

The original price was around £55, but the price has dropped to £25, thankfully. (Gods, that currency conversion rate…)

As soon as I’d got them in my hands – there was a brief tussle with a mailbox that didn’t realize it wasn’t big enough for 5 packaged DVDs – I stuck them in my laptop to test.

Did I mention I ordered these of Amazon UK? As in, UK not USA, where I live and to which region my laptop DVD player is set to work, and so it refuses to accept non-US regional DVDs?

Luckily, I have a software called VideoLAN which plays media of all file types and of all region encodings. It’s completely free for the full version, and totally cross-functional. Not only does it enable you to play region-specific disks, it also reads soft subtitles, and plays Adobe flash videos as well.

You can download VideoLAN here: http://www.videolan.org/


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