Bright and early on Halloween morning, as my roommate and I walked down to the bus, we passed the apartment custodian. Upon seeing us, she with crinkly hair (it’s a sailor thing) and I with striped tights and a Wonderland-inspired red blouse, he positively goggled at us in horror.

10-30-2013 pumpkin 1

What’s wrong with a little holiday spirit? The boy on the bus next to me is wearing the usual sloppy student fare: hooded jacket, sweatpants, slippers… Okay, I won’t blame someone for having dreadful fashion sense, but this is Halloween!!

10-30-2013 pumpkin 2

Who doesn’t celebrate Halloween? It’s even becoming a thing in certain parts of China. Sure, its origins are foreign to the US (like all things over here), but that’s no excuse not to participate. Me? I like the excuse to play “This is Halloween” on repeat while scarfing down candy and pumpkin pie.

Seriously, I’ve hardly seen a handful of people dressed up. If I were still in middle school, all the angst about being the only one in costume would have murdered me by now. But in college, apparently I’m just surrounded by boring people. (Maybe they’ve just got work or something… Nah.)

Ah well, it’s still early morning. Still time for Mr. Hoodie-and-Sweats to go home and change into his Pikachu jumpsuit.

How are you showing your halloween spirit?

Photo credit: My brother, 2013.


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