Over at Bookish Types I do a little thing called LitDuets, in which I pair books with movies, music, other books, or anything really that strikes me as drawn from the same well. The effect is something of a scrapbook story collage.

Basically, it’s my booknerdy version of Polyvore fashion sets.

Speaking of which… iriswill on polyvore.com

I had far too much fun making story collages for The Death of Bees. If we are to be brutally honest, that time should have gone to studying for an accounting exam, but I really, really like pretty things.


So yep, you’ll be seeing some posted in the near future.

Update: That accounting midterm? We got the tests back today, and I scored in the 90th percentile. Am I pleased with my very passing score in a subject I thought I was rotten at? C:


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