Gah I’m so sorry you guyyyys life has totally overrun my writing habits!

Starbucks in Pioneer Square
Starbucks in Pioneer Square

But I’m back. I’m back and just a little over-hyped on caffeine.

Oh let me count the ways: Chai tea with soy, salted caramel mocha, Peaberry drip black, black with almond milk, pumpkin spice latte, espresso, a See’s coffee lollipop…

All in the last 72 hours. Yeah.

Hey. I was writing a 5-page essay. (Of course I wasn’t writing it the same day it was due! How could you possibly even suggest that?) Stack that onto of twenty-odd days of sleeping less than five hours a night on average, I’d say the caffeine was justified, no?

By the gods did I have a whole battle plan laid out. The outline was done, the ideas were on paper and scattered across three different journals. All I had left was to actually write the blasted thing.

On the steps of UW
On the steps of UW

So I tell myself: go to bed. Sleep at 9 and be up by 4. Have all your school things packed up and your clothes laid out. Then when you wake up, just write. Write like your hair is on fire.

Puget sound beauty is fleeting, but it is golden.

I got into bed by 9, but it took me a full four hours to fall asleep. The worst parts of insomnia are when you can’t make yourself stop thinking. Like you’re reliving a conversation or an interaction over and over. And sometimes, even when I’m doing the most mindless of tasks, it comes out of nowhere and blindsides me, and then I’m lost in a grey and darkening world.

Trader Joe's <a href="">pumpkin bread and muffin mix</a>? It is scrumptious.
Trader Joe’s pumpkin bread and muffin mix? It is scrumptious.

But it’s a happy return to light chamomile tea (I’m trying to detox the poisons, psychological and physical) and my typing and my breathe-easier, sleep-easier days.

Here’s to more happy posts and pumpkin-y goodies!


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