I’ve got a book blog launched over at Bookish Types!
The goal is to upload twice or even three times weekly for now, so if I’m a bit absent over here, that’s cuz I’ve got my nose buried in a book, my fingers on the keyboard, and brain spindling through a thousand beautiful worlds.

If you’re at all interested in books that make you want to plunge into the storyverse like Mary Poppins into a painting, then you’ll really enjoy Bookish Types.There’s a huge backlog of advance reader copies for new books from my previous gig as a galley reviewer, impatiently piled on my shelves, which I’ll be working through. But I want to take this blog beyond the regular read’n’review schematic.

So I’m teaming up with some of my cleverer Internetizens to pose some features that you won’t find in many other places.

Photographed by Lyndsay Wilken

I absolutely won’t abandon you Readers, especially since you all are so lovely and kind on this melee dogpile called an Internet. There are strict posting regulations over at the other blog (which I set…), but it’s impossible for me to stop writing just because the words don’t fit a theme. Hence, this blog!

But I wouldn’t have had the courage for this new project if not for the support I’ve received on this blog, so thank you to all of you who have read and followed me from the beginning, you are golden. And to new followers, I’m spiffed you’re here!


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